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Franchise lead generation is a science and needs certain level of expertise. We are specialized in lead generation for franchise sales for the last 20 years. We know what the best is and what is not. So, are you worried of getting quality franchise leads? 

Francture Brands will help you to target successfully quality franchise candidates. We will help you in improving your franchise lead generation effectiveness through a strategic marketing and engagement plan. Let’s have a look at your best candidates, who are they and develop a detailed strategy. All the factors have to be identified and dealt at the earliest.


Are you concerned how to get qualified franchise leads?

There are following three major sources from where we derive the best franchise leads for franchisors:

  1. Live Telephone Inquiries: These are the candidates who call us as a direct result of inquiry. As part of our franchise recruitment process, we give classified advertisements for our business in regional and national industry targeted segment.  We do this by the use of high-ranking franchise lead portals. They send customized e-mails of your business to thousands of entrepreneurs. Then, your opportunity is marketed through engaged subscribers via different social media platforms. Live inquiries involve a 100% contact rate when you avail our franchise recruitment services.
  2. Internet Inquiries: These candidates will get in touch with us through emails as a direct response to our ads. We have various sources of marketing such as Google Adwords Lead Generation , Social Media Franchise Leads Generation through facebook , Instagram and Linkedin, Press Release , Video Marketing and E-mailers etc. They target for these leads in particular town, city, state or region where you look to expand your business in India.  You can also buy franchise leads from the portals. Large corporations and experienced franchise teams do the processing and conversion on their own or they may just buy franchise leads. Franchise managers will securitize and analyze the perspective leads from the live database.
  3. Franchise Consultant Leads: The candidates are identified through local networking efforts by franchise lead brokers and agents. They are qualified and already fill up their franchise application forms before we introduce to your company. In this way, the candidates are automatically exposed to the franchise concepts and franchise sales executives.  These candidates are more qualified and approved in a manner different from the clients coming through live telephone and internet inquiries. 

 If it’s so difficult, then we will make it easier for you!

Marketing for franchises may seem simple, but it’s not actually an easy task. One has to analyze their business expansion areas with almost little or no brand awareness. Simultaneously, franchisors should understand that they will differentiate. Marketing the brand to the franchisees and eventually to the customers is completely different, same as chalk and cheese. Generally, you prepare a franchise profile within a recruitment model and just go after them.  Another crucial aspect is to create the unique selling proposition (USP).

It is suggested that public relations is used to build awareness and positioning before the franchisor while rolling out their communication strategy.  We at Francture Brands help our clients in customized lead generation activities that match up to their franchise expansion goals. You will get the best franchise leads for sale on their platforms. There are millions of entrepreneurs who may be reaching out to them annually.  There might be hundreds who could match up to your requirements.

Just give a call to our franchise marketing and lead generation consultants now. They will offer you a package tailored to your requirements.  

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