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It is always crucial for a franchisor to have a well-documented and a proven system of operation, involving an operation manual.  That means this could be one of the most valuable assets that the franchisor can provide to the franchise system. 

Whether it’s a small enterprise, medium or a large enterprise in India and wants to start franchising, having your own franchise manual is very important for the success of your business. The complexities of doing business shouldn’t be overlooked. If you want your franchises to operate your brand successfully and make gain from your franchise in the long-run, then putting your franchise manual in place is vehemently significant to your long term success. If you’re thinking of international expansion, this can be central to your global growth and expansion.

Being an international franchisor, you might look for adapting to your manuals for the success in India and will be surprised to know how India is adopting to newest technologies. However, business systems and processes need to be integrated for the coming decades and not the ones in which they’re born.

Benefits of having Right Manuals as Follows:

  • The core of the franchise involves doing and defining their roles clearly and eventually end up running the franchise efficiently.
  • As the operation manual contains the detailed procedures, it helps in reducing the time and effort for the franchisor and the franchisee while assisting the franchisees.
  • Operation manuals are very effective training tools that bring uniformity and consistency to the franchise system.  
  • When operations and roles get clarified clearly, they those can form strong foundation for franchise agreement.
  • We have seen many times whenever a franchisor goes about creating the manuals; it helps in analyzing their businesses delicately and brings improvements to the running of their present business.
  • Operation manuals set the basic foundation of a system upon which constant changes are made with the change of markets and technologies. It’s not very difficult to bring changes to the system, but integrating these changes can be crucial for effective executions.
  • We make sure these documents are prepared professionally amongst the strongest tools of selling a franchise program.

Francture Brands helps you additionally in creating the following manuals top strengthen your franchising:

Pre-opening Procedures Manuals

  • These manuals can help anyone, even without having any industry experience in opening a franchise system

Daily Systems and Procedure Manuals

  • These manuals concentrate on what needs to be done. How, when and how to manage the day-to-day operations.

Sales and Marketing Manuals

  • The manuals make sure the franchise follows the suggested marketing activities which they have to follow in ensuring that the product and services are known to the peripheries. It also concentrates how the franchise will manage the brand ethos and would improve the branding in their respective regions for mutual benefits.

Personnel Manuals    

  • Make sure that the franchisees comply with HR policies effectively. We will make sure they have an effective system within their framework to motivate and retain personnel. The issues like personnel policies, job descriptions, hiring and training procedures, remuneration and benefits, terminations and all other areas. These things form crucial to the franchise success program.

Account and Book-Keeping Manuals

  • Numbers and the reporting of numbers are the essence of all businesses and hence the right accounting standard and manuals can go a long way in making sure that there is proper synchronization across the business and will be no leakages. Therefore, making it essential for in the Indian context where you may have a parallel economy. There are also other factors that contribute to several systems. There are checks to be followed for a success franchise program.

Technical Manuals

  • If the form of your business is very technical and need specific manuals for the same, we work with the franchisor to be able to make sure that they are able to function properly with these technical manuals.

Training manuals

  • To train your franchisees specifically, employees of the franchisees or the franchisor team, each franchise system should have a specific training manual at all levels.

To analyze the different those are required to develop your business, the team of Francture Brands will help you. Then, we will assist you in determining the contents of it. We would then assemble the entire information and put it for your review and comments.

We also work in tandem at revising and updating the franchisor manuals either on an Individual or turnkey basis. Please consult with us to know how will you create an effective franchise system or can have right manuals.

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