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Francture Brands receives almost 150+ calls per month from the people , companies and brands who feel that we have an interesting idea or business that can be franchised. They try to know how many franchises they could make and in what period. So, they are in look out for experienced and renowned franchise consultant or consultancy that can help them in developing a new franchise model. We present range of consultancy services designed for franchising your business, creating documentation or helping in recruitment of franchisees.

Dealing of Sectors by Franchise Consultant

  1. Strategy Development: We follow a tested successful franchise model designed for a complete franchising development plan. It involves the study of existing business or a prototype is developed. The clients who want to speed up their franchising, we have put a system in place that expedite your franchise program.
  2. Franchising Business: Once the strategy is formulated, next is to evaluate the time-taken and the cost of franchising business. Now you’re about to creating a franchise brand.
  3. Merits and Demerits of Franchising: What are the major 15 mistakes you could make while franchising? What are the top 10 reasons of starting to franchise your business? Which decisions will you make-company-owned outlets, private-equity funding or taking the franchise route?
  4. Franchising FAQs: Get answers to the above questions or anything you need clarity on. You can get access to the top franchise consultant companies, agents, brokers or service providers who offer one stop solution. You can recruit a franchise manager and learn how to be a professional franchise consultant.


Are you an emerging business and look to go global?

With the emergence of new technologies, newer products and services are coming up with respect to the changing habits and preferences of consumers. We are fortunate to have been working with some pioneering franchise companies who are bringing a new franchise era in India. Now days, we are working in many developing economies other than India and has the client-network around the world.  We have worked hard to create some really exciting success stories out of several enterprises. It’s always good for you to talk something innovative in detail about the business at the earliest. This will help us in understanding your business and franchise better, save lot of time and costs. Go for Self-Assessment Check and take Franchise Quiz for your preparedness.

We are constantly in touch with individual business owners and companies who look to franchise their business. The franchises have to redefine their way of doing business and make it franchise–friendly. There may be varied reasons for a business to be in operation for long time, but they’re limited to their own cities and regions. Our franchise consultancy will help you in the expansion of your business and in spreading to other cities, states and countries.

Are you a local entrepreneur or your success limited to your local markets?

In a developing country like India, there are many businesses which are only successful in their own cities or regions for some regions but are unable to go beyond. For example, the famous Chikanwala’s Kababs from Luknow , Rosogolla from Kolkata, Mughlai from Delhi and North India, Idly Dosa from Udupi and South India, IT services from Bangalore even the Pubs, Vada Pav from Mumbai, Biriyani from Hyderabad, Poha from Indore, Sarees and Silk from Banaras,   Cotton and Textiles from Tirupur, Ayurveda of Kerala , hosiery from Ludhiana, and Gujarati Thali from Ahmadabad along with the Handicrafts from Jodhpur and many more. There are also several other examples from East to West of India ( Arunachal to Gujarat) and North to South ( Kashmir to Kanya Kumari). Each city and region has its own set of businesses which can be franchised not only nationally but also internationally.

In both the cases our senior franchise consultant will have a detailed discussion with you, accessing what’s your objective, what is the product and service you have to offer  or ready to franchise. If we are satisfied that you can go ahead and have the resources, we will devise a clear roadmap and work simultaneously with you in achieving your goals. 

What’s your final goal?

You need to franchise your business if you want significant expansion of your business. Don’t waste time. If you want your business to grow optimally and leveraging your profit, franchise model is the best. This is done by adopting the franchising business model. You need to develop your business to a level where it fits for IPO. During the growth of your business, you can scale up your company and can reach the targeted audience, in the other way you make the company public.

The market can evaluate your company much higher than the actual gross sales and profits. If your market feels that your business has the greater potential, then you will be able to earn more and fulfill your dream.

Whether you’ve a single outlet or a multi-national company, Francture Brands will assist you in your growth. Therefore, first thing you have to access your business’s suitability for franchise. If that is yes, Francture Brands is ready to help you in the expansion of your business and can take your business to the next level and make it fully operational franchisor. We have the products and partners who can help comprehensively you starting from territorial mapping to manual writing, legal compliance to recruitment of franchises.

Outstanding Franchise Consultant Services

It’s obvious that if your company is ready to invest between 50 lacs-10 Crore, there is higher possibility of benefiting from your business. We will assist you in Outstanding Franchised Rights in a particular area or industry that is complementary to your current activities. You can visit our blog Franchise Business Opportunities in India 

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