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Franchising your business globally or acquiring an international master franchise needs immense expertise. To know about the micro and macro factors influencing the operations of the said business, we have covered global franchising in the light of 4 different factors. You have to choose which one is most relevant for your requirements.

India Master Franchise Program  

This is exclusively for international companies which look for franchising in India. We would help you comprehensively with whatever market information you require for recruiting the master franchise companies or candidates that match up to your requirements. We have got a detailed 10-step India master franchise development program that includes your Industry statistics, country analysis, competitor understanding, territory mapping, draft master franchise agreement template, exploring day programs for recruiting master franchises from the major cities of India and all those things that would help you in setting up a strong foundation to build up your brand in India.

Taking your brand across the globe

This service is perfectly suited for successful Indian franchisors that have been franchising in India or have a successful business in India, if they could be looking at global master franchises in India. Therefore, we have a full-scale service that creates the international franchise business plan and would help you with the draft international franchise agreement, and will even work with your overseas recruitment needs. That includes how to reach out and engage with your potential franchises who would help you out in expanding your business in a particular country. We will help you in accessing the risks related to international expansion. This will help you in the preparation of working with global franchises.

International Franchise Opportunities

This service is perfectly suited for Business Houses, NRIs, Corporate or HNIs looking for master franchises either in India or also for people who look for locating outside India with the purchasing a business in a foreign country. We have a large-scale set up that deals with how you would take up an international franchise, approaching a foreign brand, and present yourself correctly. Later you can negotiate the deal with them as per the realities of the market and the resources you could deploy to maximize the growth of the said business in India.

Hence, we constantly deal with top international brands and remain engaged with them in finding the right candidates, so that you could fit the bill directly for a few brands. We also accompany our clients to international franchise exhibitions after short-listing a few companies from that particular country through building an initial dialogue. The, we can use the show as a platform to form the discussion. Also if needed, we make the advanced negotiations and next signing up for master franchise. So, you can use our services for all types of international franchise options that you may discover.

For more details, search on How to buy a master franchise opportunity in India?

International Franchise Consultants in India

Being one of the members of the Franchising Society and various Franchise associations in India, Francture Brands makes sure that we will use our network and experience for further business objectives of our clients. We are working with various members of IFA, a member of world Franchise Council and we regularly share our experiences for cross-border franchising in India. Our International Franchise Consultant Network makes sure we are able to help our clients in setting up their master franchise in any country that they may choose.

We have the biggest real-estate franchise consultants network who help in finding the main locations for pilot developments. As there are many franchisors who prefer to go for prototype development on their own prior to start franchising out. Whatever your need, you will find that we are always sincere, transparent and reasonable in our approach and costs. We look forward to serve you in your global requirements.



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