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Grow your Business and Exceed Boundaries

As a Business consultant, Francture Brands is specialized in helping you grow your business through several channels. If you’ve a business and thinking of how to grow your business in India, then we have the answer. There are several business growth strategies that different businesses adopt for market development.  We cover the entire gamut of expansion services starting from franchising development marketing, to distribution to the agency to licensing. We can help you whatever the business needs to exceed boundaries and scale up quickly.

How to make your business expand in India?  

Conventional or Conservative forms of expansion involve the appointment of channel partners such as dealers, distributors and agents, where as newer forms involve such as franchising, E-commerce and Licensing gaining significance. Technology, logistics and automation solutions are redefining the ways consumers buy products and services.  Omnichannel is turning out to be inevitable for business development. There are new generations of businesses that are growing rapidly through venture capital infusion and franchising. The businesses need last mile connectivity irrespective of the scenario.  We will help you in reaching maximum customers in the most modern, efficient and practical ways. Next, we have created several hybrid business model solutions integrating with the conventional distribution driven model, supported by latest mobile commerce facilities. 


Business Development Services and your Brand

Business Growth Strategies- Why is Francture Brands your much-needed consultant for expansion?

  • Appoint Dealers, Distributors, Stockists and Agents and other types of channel partners
  • Sell your Business. Exit your Business
  • Small Business Consulting Services for everything that a SME would need. So, discover why Francture Brands is the top business consultancy in India. However, several business reviews make them the topmost franchise consultants in India.

Compliance of Legal Issues, Taxations and Registrations  

In India, having been spread to such a large geographical area and different state tax regimes, companies create regional hubs for expansion within those regions or will have a state led strategy, appointment of statewide partners or district agents or city distributors or such combinations depending upon the business and its requirements. In addition to that, there are different compliances that the businesses have to remain adhered to which we would help you understand and comply with. 

Appointment of Channel Partners

Do you seek any form or type of Channel Partners? Dealers, Distributors, Agents, Franchises & Licensees?

We can help you in devising an elaborate strategy of reaching out to these partners and helping you in achieving your business expansion goals.  We work though the entire lifecycle of a company’s growth, particularly in areas of creating a cohesive expansion strategy and working in tandem with the client in the appointment of all types of channel partners. If you have a business needing expansion, we have the extensive solutions to help your business grow in more than one ways and quickly.

Comprehensive Small Business Consulting Services

We are here to help you in all aspects of your business growth. Starting from the identification of newer ways of reaching out to newer markets, to selling (parts or completely if you want to exit) your business to offering you wide range of business consulting services designed for your business growth. 

Call us now to have a detailed discussion on what you want from us and our experienced business consultants will be more than pleased to offer you a comprehensive customized proposal that can help you in achieving your business goals. 

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