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It’s simple and common and has to arrive at an end. There can be no emphasis over an exchange of controlling the money. We will provide a platform where business sellers can meet business purchasers in peace and clarity. We at Francture Brands deliver you a suitable counter-party with comparable values and culture to sell your business in India. Our thorough analysis distinguishes each conceivable kind of purchaser who has the assets to form a deal in remarkable way, simultaneously has the vision to explore development opportunities your franchise business offers. We will find you purchasers who can pay more because of our research, identification and blind contact to all industry buyers locally and globally. 

At some point of time, any entrepreneur should have the exit route to sell their business to the next generation or to a successor. The reason could be Cashing out, Senior Business Retirement and exit your business and so forth.  We carefully showcase your business to qualified purchasers in to the industry in India. Our mission is to secure right deal with the right buyer. The ideal purchaser can be found outside or inside India. From now on we will ensure your business gets the exposure of the potential purchaser around the globe. To have the best deal, contact us if you want to exit.

We will join with you:

  • Sell your business to a tactical Indian or foreign buyer
  • Generational Transition Sale: Most family-run businesses know that at some point of time they have to place their businesses into the next generation whether it’s a child, niece, nephew or someone else or a non-family CEO. We will help you in the entire process of Generational Transition Sale of your business.
  • Acquisition: The acquisition is one of the simplest exit strategies. We will find you another business that wants to buy yours and make you sell, sell and sell.

 We work painstakingly and work until you reach to the best fit and get the best price for your business, including co-ordination and to find out hidden value involved at each stage of your business.  To provide you the best deal in selling your business, we know what we have to do to add value to your business, not just limited to making your presentation look good in selling your business. We will wider your reach, make better connections and will help you to develop fruitful relationship with thousands of genuine buyers who are on the lookout for buying business. Then, we will handover you a prospective but eligible entrepreneur interested in buying your business in India.

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Francture is a team of professional , dedicated and experienced professionals with diverse experience in fashion, lifestyle, luxury retail, FMCG and healthcare sectors.
Our strength is in combining on ground experience with new technology; channel management, franchise development, digital transformation , pan India launch of new products, corporate and institutional sales, powered with 360° marketing insight.