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Francture Brands delivers a comprehensive solution to make franchisors and brands mature who use to have a network of franchises. There could have certain challenges or there might be an urgent need to increase the productivity of every franchise. Sometimes, there could be some under-performing franchises that would make a U-turn with systematic engagement. Therefore, there is a need for adding a fresh set of franchises that could instill energy and dynamism into the system. There are a number of tools that can be deployed to increase the efficiency of a franchise system. We can work with a few of your under-performing franchises and would ensure improving their entire network.

What could be the requirement this section needs in detail with the following?

  • Franchise Training Programs
  • Managing your Franchises
  • Improving your Franchise
  • Franchise Dispute Resolution

Why do the frictions arise between the franchisors and franchisees?

There is used to have a considerable tension between mature franchisors and their existing franchisees. Here, the following some of the possible reasons why that conflict occurs:

  • Periodic need for modifying the network concepts and systems to keep it updated with the competition.
  • Need for introducing new technologies,
  • Important reasons for changing customer demographics, ethnicities, preferences and trends
  • Roll out of new products or services, then deleting older products and services from the system.
  • Changes to the existing trademarks or service marks or designs or the decision to abandon them for new trademarks or service marks or designs.
  • The decision of modifying the exterior and interior designs of the network units and the equipment utilized.
  • Designing the new advertising platforms and campaigns;
  • Summons to franchisees for undergoing additional training related to the integration of new technologies.
  • The pressure of keeping the mature franchise network’s image, products, or services fresh, responsive and competitive.

What is the solution?

One of the popular examples of that is McDonald’s. Nearly, 30 years ago, the franchisees were being informed about the inclusion of the breakfast in their menu. The immediate reaction of that was hostility. Adding the breakfast to the menu did mean starting from the dawn, adding of extra shift, and learning of preparing of new dishes, and investing money in the addition and renovation of the units. However, the breakfast menu of McDonald’s was soon turned out to be the most profitable menus for all the parties involved.

Therefore, as a franchisor, you should have the knowledge of what can work best for the system and how can you able to bring out the change. Bringing change is always tough.

Implementing Change

McDonald’s franchisees were facing significant challenges of concept and system changes. Pizza Hut franchisees were forced to start the delivery when Dominos’s success began threatening Pizza Hut’s market share. There are other few commonly controlled franchise networks like Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins learned how to co-brand each other’s products so that it would increase both chains’ menu offerings. Another recent change that the McDonald franchisees have made is the implementation of the new “Mc Café” concept.

An experienced franchisor needs certain ability and expertise in such a system to make the conceptual changes into effect. Franchise agreement terms while addressing this subject are critical and at Francture Brands we offer the suggestion and also include the right clauses for you. Even though the franchise agreement terms clearly state that it’s the franchisor’s right to initiate system-wide changes, there have been instances where the franchisees have filed cases against them in order to oppose these changes.

How could you make more revenues from each of your franchisees? 

It is always vital to make a periodic health-check up of the franchise. We perform a comprehensive test to identify all the parameters that might affect the functioning of your franchise system. In addition to that, we also provide the exact solution that would help you to make the most of your franchise network. You will be more than pleased to get the desired results within 12-24 months of engagement with us.  We have seen more than 90% of the franchises which have shown the sign of improvement through this within this period.

So, call us now and tell us whatever you require, we are here to help and assist you in getting most out of your franchising.

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