Franchise registration in India

Initial process of Franchise Registration

Starting a franchising business in India or buying a franchise is one of the easiest in the world. Franchising registration in India starts with floating a simple proprietorship firm within 3 days. When starting of proprietorship firm begins with finalizing the partnership deed, applying for PAN number from Income tax office , getting GST number and getting it started in 2/3 days.  Therefore, you could initiate a franchising company or buying of a franchise within 7 days. Is it so simple than anywhere else?

Planning of Franchise by Business Owners

Existing business owners needn’t to follow additional formalities for doing franchise India registration. The owners can begin franchising from the existing firm. But, they have to make a strategic decision. Franchising business has its own complications and liabilities which should be segregated from your ongoing business and in some cases starting completely a new company.

Marketing of Franchise and State and Ministry of Corporate Affairs Policies

There are some State Policies which are specific to some businesses. You may have to select some particular cities to start franchising. Of course, your franchise guide can you better and recommend some suitable cities. Knowing the limitations, target customer profile easy market accessibility are some of the factors that play crucial role in finding the suitable location. Forming a detailed franchise marketing plan and allocation of the budget along with franchise registration in India should go simultaneously.

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) is the appellate body for businesses. Hence, the business has to be registered under MCA before franchising. Different regulations have to be followed for forming Public or Private Ltd. Companies, set for them.

Foreign Companies seeking Franchise India Registration

The foreign companies which seek franchise registration in India need to consult franchise specialists. Francture Brands has helped many international companies in franchise registration. Franchise registration of international companies in India with respect to foreign currency transfers and repatriation challenges can be problematic. As a reputed  franchise consulting in India, we will help in Licensing, Registrations, and Agreements etc.

The franchise should have knowledge about the region tax policies and as the franchise is a share-holding company, nit needs to comply with the regulations. Chartered Accountants can guide you on these matters. Managing currency risk is another crucial aspect as the investment will be done in foreign currency but the earnings in local currency. There are some protective measures to be taken in managing currency risks. International insurers provide policies that can minimize currency risks and your franchise consultant will provide you all the details.

Know the Acts which govern your Business

There are several acts which govern franchise legal framework in India. Those include India Contracts Act 1872, Transfer Property Act 1882, and Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999. There are as many as other 15 acts that govern business in India which you need to go through while doing Franchise registration in India.

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